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Free Movie Bounty Hunters 2016 story of bounty hunters working across countries in Asia.

Free Movie Bounty Hunters 2016 Information :

Director: Tae-ra Shin
Writer: Edmond Wong
Stars: Min-ho Lee, Wallace Chung, Yan Tang

Free Movie Bounty Hunters 2016 Plot :

Bounty Hunters starts in Tokyo with a bombing at a luxury hotel, one of a chain that is evidently being targeted by terrorists. The next stop is Hong Kong, where we meet former Interpol (again with the Interpol) partners and current bodyguards Yo (Wallace Chung, Drug War, Monster Hunt) and Lee San (Lee Min-ho, Gangnam Blues) as they try and connect with their next client, a persecuted journalist. Then it’s off to Seoul, Bangkok and finally resort-y Jeju Island off Korea’s south coast (strangely Shanghai does not make an appearance). Along the way, the duo meets bounty hunter team leader Cat (Tang Yan, Assembly), her hacker partner Swan (relative newcomer Karena Ng) and Bobo (martial arts star Louis Fan, Ip Man), the multitasking butler/stylist/hitter.While on the road to the final showdown with Tommy (Jeremy Jones Xu, Kung Fu Angels), the megalomaniacal Big Bad Possessed of an Evil Laugh — who is bombing the hotels his father founded because he was left out of the will (maybe?) — Bounty Hunters checks off every box this kind of entertainment could possibly have. Potential love interests getting “stuck” together at kissing distance? Check. Escape from fiery death by jumping out a window into a hotel pool many floors below? Check. Heroes with tragic and/or more benevolent backstories than they let on? Unlikely allies in former adversaries? Hilarious (totally not) gay panic moment? Check, check and check.
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