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THE LAST FAMILY English Subtitle 2016 Story about a well-known artistic family: legendary painter Zdzislaw Beksinski, his wife Zofia and their son Tomasz, a highly-praised music critic and translator. Their lives were far from being usual.

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THE LAST FAMILY 2016 Directed by: Jan P. Matuszynski
Writer: Robert Bolesto
Stars: Andrzej Seweryn, Dawid Ogrodnik, Aleksandra Konieczna

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“THE LAST FAMILY 2016” Story Follows Born in 1929, Zdzisław Beksiński, a Polish surrealist painter famous for his eerie post-apocalyptic works, is a cult artist who has portrayed decaying bodies and fantasized of hard core S&M sexual experiences. Known for his keen sense of humor, he is also scared of spiders and tending to his sick mother. His neurotic, suicidal son, Tomasz, is a cult radio DJ and translator, responsible for the Polish versions of Monty Python films. His wife, Zofia Beksińska, a devoted Catholic, endures these two eccentrics and glues the family together. As the parents try to prevent their son from hurting himself, their lives are defined by painting, a series of near-death experiences, funerals and changing trends in dance music.

THE LAST FAMILY 2016 Reviews :
Home is where the art is in Jan P. Matuszynski’s ‘The Last Family’ (Ostatnia Rodzina), a dutiful and respectful chronicle of the last 28 years in the life of Poland’s foremost apocalyptic surrealist Zdzislaw Beksinski. Also giving considerable prominence to the travails of his long-suffering wife Zofia Beksinska and their live-wire son Tomasz, it’s a claustrophobic and slightly airless affair mostly set in the troubled trio’s Warsaw high-rise apartment. International prospects were boosted a touch by the seasoned veteran Andrzej Seweryn’s best actor trophy in Locarno for his unruffled handling of a highly demanding role. Beyond Poland and older-skewing Polish ex-pat communities this is festivals-only fare with the possible exception of France, where Beksinski’s outlandish output were voguish a couple of decades ago.

Most people outside Poland have never heard of the late-20th-century painter Zdzisław Beksiński, and even within the country few are familiar with director Jan P. Matuszyński. Yet for those paying attention to international arthouse cinema, “The Last Family” should boost name recognition for both. While unable to wholly surmount the usual problem of biopics, which either simplify (not the case here) or allow life’s messiness to remain disjunctured, the film is a remarkable, frequently unsettling exercise in staged voyeurism, recreating the interdependent lives of the three members of the troubled Beksiński family. Visually and musically reproducing the era to a T, and boasting terrific lensing by Kacper Fertacz, “The Last Family” is likely to pick up numerous awards on the festival circuit.

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