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When You Watch Ice Guardians 2016 English Subtitle, Story about On-ice enforcers struggle to rise through the professional ranks of the world’s most prestigious hockey league, only to be confronted with a new found fight for the existence of the role itself. (IMDb)

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Ice Guardians Directed by: Brett Harvey
Writers: Scott Dodds, Brett Harvey
Stars: Jay Baruchel, Jarome Iginla, Chris Chelios

Ice Guardians 2016 English Subtitle Reviews :

This Ice Guardians film is a must watch for any hockey fan and indeed great viewing for any sports fan in general An amazing insight into the life of a professional hockey player, specifically looking at the role of the enforcer. It is cut together very well, it grips you to the point of not being able to look away in fear of missing something. The players them selves are captivating and the various experts add levels of depth. This includes Dr Victoria Silverwood, who adds her views following her PhD study entitled “Five for Fighting: The Culture and Practice of Violence in Professional Ice Hockey”. I cannot wait to “watch Ice Guardians 2016” again, as I have a firm feeling that I will “see” other things that I missed the first time around.(Author: Robert Smith from Cardiff, UK)

A hard sell for those that are not diehard fans of hockey, Brett Harvey’s documentary ‘Ice Guardians’ is a well-balanced look at the history and controversy of the role of enforcers. For those that are unaware, the enforcer is a player who more than makes up for his lack of finesse by dealing damage with his fists and protecting the smaller teammates from being bullied and overrun. While many technical aspects may present a level of challenge for those not in the know, Ice Guardians does an excellent job of keeping the sporting technobabble to a minimum and gets to the heart and humanity of these people that are asked to put their bodies and minds on the line each and every night for the sake of entertainment.(Cinema Bluster [David Sharp])

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