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Watch Guardians 2017 English Subtitle During the Cold War, an organization called “Patriot” created a super-hero squad, which includes members of multiple soviet republics. For years, the heroes had to hide their identities, but in hard times they must show themselves again.

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Guardians 2017 Directed by: Sarik Andreasyan
Writer: Andrey Gavrilov
Stars: Anton Pampushnyy, Sanzhar Madiyev, Sebastien Sisak

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Guardians 2017 Story Follows August Kuratov (Stanislas Shirin) was a mad scientist who created superhuman by altering DNA during the World War 2 period. When the Russian government found out about his intention of creating a clone army of super humans and also having equipment attached to his body which enhanced his power and strength, they had to do something to capture him.
Major Elena (Valeria Shkirando) was tasked by Major General Nikolai (Vyacheslav Razbegaev) to head the “Patriot” organization which would be to recruit the superhumans created earlier. They had all hid themselves for many years and therefore, Elena must find out the locations of all these people urgently.
Using some smart deductions and the power of internet, Elena was able to locate them one by one. Starting with Ler (Sebastien Sisak) who was able to use telekinesis to control things with his mind. He would usually use the rocks around him to attack people or for his defense. From there, Elena found the next superhuman named Khan (Sanzhar Madiev) who was a very skilled martial artist and was using a couple of blades which could be combined into a double blade weapon. He was also able to do teleportation and therefore could kill many people at the same time.

Guardians (Russian: Защитники Zaschitniki) is a Russian superhero film directed by Russian-Armenian director Sarik Andreasyan and starring Sebastien Sisak, Anton Pampushnyy, Sanzhar Madiyev, Alina Lanina, Valeriya Shkirando and Stanislav Shirin.

The “Guardians 2017” (Zaschitniki) film is about a team of Soviet superheroes created during the Cold War. The team includes representatives of the different nationalities of the USSR. Each of the protagonists’ superpowers reflect the strengths and traditions of the people of the USSR. Filming began on April 27, 2015, in Moscow while the casting process was concluded earlier in this year. ‘Guardians’ Filming was continued in Moscow Oblast and in the Crimean Peninsula, and was wrapped on July 14, 2015.

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