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When You Watch Game of Aces (2016) English Sub, You’ll Find The Story about A rescue attempt of a German traitor during World War I has unexpected consequences and sets off an adventure across the Arabian desert. IMDb

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Director: Damien Lay
Writer: Damien Lay
Stars: Chris Klein, Victoria Summer, Werner Daehn

Game of Aces (2016) Reviews :

Excellent adventure film set in the Egyptian desert in WW1 (circa 1917). A truly engaging film with a twisty plot filmed in a superb desert location (near Death Valley). And nice close action photography of biplanes (none actually flown by the ace pilot main characters). (spoiler:) Essentially three characters: an ace pilot German double- agent who only speaks German, a bilingual English nurse, and an American ex-baseball player, grounded ace pilot. Brilliant chase scene and a struggle to the death over stolen intelligence, with no sex, romance, or gratuitous violence. Rated R for some appropriate cussing. (Author: John Lawrence from USA)

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