Watch Tunnel (2017) English Sub (Episode 1-16 End)

Tunnel (2017) Korean Drama Synopsis :

When You Watch Tunnel (2017) English Sub, You’ll Find The Story about A police detective from 1986 travels in time to the present to save his daughter.(DramaWiki)

Watch Tunnel (2017) Korean Drama Information :

Drama: Tunnel (working title)
Revised romanization: Teoneol
Hangul: 터널
Writer: Lee Eun-Mi

Tunnel (2017) Korean Drama Plot :

In 1986, Detective Park Gwang-Ho (Choi Jin-Hyuk) desperately tries to catch a serial killer. He chases after the serial killer and goes through a tunnel. On the other side of the tunnel, Detective Park Gwang-Ho finds himself in the year 2017. The serial killer has resumed the killings that began 30 years ago. Detective Park Gwang-Ho works with Detective Kim Sun-Jae (Yoon Hyun-Min) and Professor of Criminal Psychology Shin Jae-Yi (Lee Yoo-Young) to catch the killer.(AsianWiki)

Filming began in late December, 2016. For personal reason, director Kim Kyung Chul was replaced by Shin Yong Hwi, which started began filming from March.

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