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When You Watch Bonded by Blood 2 (2017) English Sub, You’ll Find The Story about In the aftermath of the infamous ‘Essex Boys’ Range Rover killings, a group of younger, flashier criminals emerge to fill the power vacuum. IMDb

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Director: Greg Hall
Writers: Simon Cluett (screenplay), Bernard O’Mahoney (book)
Stars: Terry Stone, Josh Myers, Sam Strike

Bonded by Blood 2 (2017) Reviws :

BONDED BY BLOOD 2 is based on Bernard O’Mahoney’s best-selling book, Essex Boys – The New Generation. It charts the rise and fall of the real-life Essex boys that who filled the void left by Pat Tate, Tony Tucker and Craig Rolfe in years following the infamous Rettendon Range Rover murders.

The film opens with Mr X (Mark Harris) as he remarks that Essex would have been the birth place of Jesus but for the lack of virgins and wise men. His smart, dry witted narration sets the tone of the film, as he tells the story of the next generation of Essex boys to Bernie (Johnny Palmiero) over dinner.

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