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When You Watch Die, My Dear (2017) Online English Subtitles, You’ll Find The Story about Victor & Miranda try and resolve their failed marriage only after they independently attempt to kill each other on the same night. IMDb

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Director: Matthew Kalamane
Writers: Matthew Kalamane, Matthew Kalamane
Stars: Thomas Burks, Deirdre McCauley, Jeannie Ferrara

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Love. Trust. Betrayal and self worth. Humiliation, insecurity, anger, selfishness and poison. When summing up “Die, My Dear” from Matthew Kalamane, these were the first words that jumped into my head. I also began thinking other strange thoughts that do relate to this film, just not in a direct way. Or maybe they do? I began thinking of the massive divide between generations. “Baby boomers” or members of “generation X” are so far from today’s young adults, that it can seem we’re from different planets. Sure, some staple characteristics remain the same but truth be told… the feelings on couples, spousal loyalty and marriage are so completely different now days. (

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